July 11, 2015

Today! Was great and miserable. It poured starting in the early morning, and I slept until 9:15 so I didn't start hiking until 11, which is why I didn't roll up to campsite 44 until 9:00 pm. Also because it was marked wrong in my guide. But it was sort of a blessing because I met Tammy, Shaun, and Amie, who were doing an overnight loop, and I'm not sure I would've made it up Chasteen Creek Trail without them. They shared energy gel, almonds, and cheese but more importantly i had people to keep up with and complain to the whole way up. We met horses too, and that seemed like a great way to get up a mountain: on your butt with a cold beer.

We split off at Hughes Ridge Trail. Enloe Falls Trail was so miserable and rainy and my boots are absolutely soaked, but it was really beautiful. There was even a giant metal bridge to cross over the falls. I stink to high heaven and I'm covered in dirt and scratches, but I'm proud of myself.