July 7, 2015

eyelash tinting

this is possibly my dorkiest post yet, but as it is also super cruc for all my blonde eyelashed peeps, here goes:

when i was born, one of the absolute first things my mother said about me was, "this girl is going to need some mascara when she gets older."  my grandmother hushed her, but it was true. my lashes are just fine in length and volume, but they are, for all intents and purposes, invisible without mascara. and you know who looks good with invisible eyelashes? probably you, but certainly not me. this is where buttloads of mascara come in, or else eyelash tinting. 

eyelash tinting is the bees knees. the eyelash lady has you close your eyes and paints some mysterious, plant-based inky substance on your lashes. you wait 10 or 15 minutes, she splashes water all over your face, and blammo. dark eyelashes that don't rinse off in the pool or during tennis or after a good cry. it's expensive, so i typically save it for summer events. high expectations of the pool. sailing around the mediterranean. backpacking across north carolina. summer stuff. 

anyway, to wrap up this nerd of a post, this is my tip of the summer. BUT NOTE: i used to have it done at this one place, and then i realized there was a cheaper/closer place that did it, and i went and the experience was a thousand times better. the second woman was gentler and friendlier and didn't shame me for not being able to open my eyes at the end and the dye itself didn't sting the way the first woman's had. point is, krisztina kozmetika knows what she's doing. 

el fin.