July 14, 2015

This morning the trail magic continued with breakfast at Tiffany's (her joke, not mine). We ate waffles with blueberries and bananas and baked peaches to write home about, and then Tiffany and one of her kids, Josh, who I adored because he asked a million questions about the trail and I got to brag all about it, drove me back to Waterrock Knob. It was storming when they dropped me off but it quickly turned into a gorgeous day. The clouds sank away from the mountains, orange and purple flowers grew along the trail, I crossed the sweetest streams, and the sun shone on all of it. I kept thinking, "The earth can do that?! Did you know the earth can do THAT?" I was walking along the MST, and I saw two men, and one of them asked if I was hiking the Mountains to Sea Trail. I felt my face light up and said YES! because while people have maybe heard of the MST no one has ever brought it up like that and then he asked if I was using Taba's guidebook and I said yes again and he wished me luck, and anyway, Scot Ward, if you happen upon this trail journal, Ken Douglas says hi. And then it rained again, and thundered and lightninged, and I had to stealth camp and I got scared but it cleared up and it's supposed to stay that way, and I remembered how to tie a bear bag so everything is okay. As long as a tree doesn't blow over on top of me tonight.