July 19, 2015

hi!  things have been a little nuts because i've been living in the woods/at a friend's house for the past week and a half.  oh, and miami.  i've been doing the mountains to sea trail (you can see all my traily writings at www.trailjournals.com/probablyanna), so not only am i very busy walking around every day but i also have incredibly limited access to technology and the internet.  gotta save my phone battery for emergencies and not snapchats, you know? 

anyway, i've done eight days of the trail so far and it is hard as heck but i'm going back out tomorrow.  i had to come home this weekend for aileen's wedding, which was wonderful and gorgeous and not only did i get to see aileen but many other app state ladiez were there as well and we danced around and drank too much wine and had a really great time together, as per usual.  so i took four days (which have really been the best four days ever, i could just hang around chapel hill and eat good food and visit camp and not have a job instead of this trail business, right?  this is totally sustainable.) to recharge and assess how to make my experience less miserable.  i wasn't actually supposed to come home til friday but wednesday was a really rough day so i just came back then instead.  and now my pack is lighter and i'll have the bixber with me and no deadlines and things will be better, i think.