March 18, 2015

the time we hiked elk knob

once upon a time in college, waaaaay back at the beginning of freshman year when we were brand new friends, sarah, lauren, ben, phil, and i went for a hike at this place called elk knob, which, unlike most of the places we went hiking in boone, we never returned to.  and that's because most of the places we went hiking didn't require us to hike directly up the side of a mountain.

we made it - trying to make friends will convince you to do things you never thought you wanted to do - and all i remember about that hike besides the incline is that we made up lyrics to sing to the circle of life, found out lauren once worked in a horse barn, and laughed our heads off once we got to the top.  full on hysterical giggles.  the best.

if you look closely though, you can see the disbelief and horror on our faces, and that's why i love this picture.  we look so completely unenthusiastic.  what a way to begin a friendship, right?  panting our way up elk knob.  and now look - these girls are two of my absolute best friends, and i'm getting ready to go off and hike up lots of inclines and make lots of new friends (but not better.  never better.).  and after my trail legs kick in, my face will hopefully look just a tiny bit happier than it does here.