March 18, 2015

the terrible threes

this guy has been such a teenager lately. he's moody and loud and disrespectful. he only likes cuddling with his mama on HIS TERMS, which are not the ones shown in this picture. he's smart but he doesn't always want to listen. we're working on being off leash a little bit though, and i can tell he appreciates the freedom. his interactions with other dogs at the park are so painfully eighth grade ("do YOU want to be my friend? whatever i was kidding you're dumb"). and he's aaalways trying to get into the driver's seat. so i call him butthead and make him cuddle with me and try not to harsh his mellow too much at the dog park. and i love him. and his silly little three year old self loves me. and one day soon he will outgrow this crazy stuff and get back to being a full time love bug.