March 20, 2015

run, anna, run

there are some people who look like they were made to run.  long legged giraffy types with minimum body fat (but maximum motivation).  those people are not me.  however!  i have run before.  last april i did an entire 5k color run with aileen without stopping once.  going really really slow?  yes.  stopping?  heck nope.  and i want to be able to do that again.  partly as preparation for the trail (gotta get those legs in hiking shape) and partly just because it's something i want to do, and sometimes even like to do.  who'd have thought?

anyway.  because of accountability and documentation, i'm putting my running schedule here.  each row represents a week, and the space below each run is so i can write down the date i complete that run.  before i leave, i want to be able to knock out five miles in one go.
kimmy schmidt is going to be my muse for this: you can do anything for ten seconds, and when that ten seconds is over, you start over with a new ten seconds.