March 16, 2015


jay z the plant.  referenced below.
my sore throat turned into a nasty face cold turned into another sore throat turned into almost not being sick turned into hardcore nausea for twenty-four hours until kaitlin was like "why don't you take some anti nausea medicine?" and i was like "oh."  so bix and i went to walgreens for some drug store magic and i pumped myself full of cherry flavored stuff that somehow makes it possible for food to look good again.  and by food i mean lettuce sandwiches.  but hey - progress.

so it's been a quiet weekend.  i mostly moped around the house/dog park and then managed to drag myself to r&r to watch the carolina game (bummer and a half) with aileen and nick and their crew, which was fun (???), or it would have been if i hadn't felt like death.  or it was fun.  or it was almost fun.  i didn't completely suck at darts, so that was fun.

sunday was so so so so pretty i couldn't handle it so bix and i did our walgreens excursion and then to the dog park and by the time i got home the medicine had started kicking in a little and i decided to clean the house because thanks to a) springtime shedding and b) two baths in three days, bixby's hair was EVERYWHERE.  i am not kidding when i say i had to sweep everything twice.  but now things feel better and i dragged my poor poor plant onto the porch and cut off all the death leaves (ahem, 99% of the plant) and sort of made a fire circle and walked around barefoot and felt like maybe the world is finally going to be alive again.

and then i watched game of thrones with my lettuce sandwich and a glass of ginger ale and i would just like to say that yes theon greyjoy is a terrible person but no that doesn't mean what is happening to him is something that i want to see.

el fin.