March 25, 2015

here's what's been happening lately.

i've been real bad at taking pictures these past few days, so for your viewing pleasure, here's a typical hunting boot/tennis shoe picture i sent to sarah (tennis shoe won) (also my new pants won, because LOOK AT THEM) (don't look at my dresser though, it's been a bit of a catchall lately, and by lately i mean as usual).

so i have now completed the first two runs of my plan with paces around 10:30.  i've been dragging bixby along (sometimes literally), and he is not a huge fan, especially since i make him wear the gentle leader, but hey, whatever tires him out.

speaking of bix, he's been the biggest grump lately.  i know i just posted recently about the terrible threes, but good grief, kid.  calm yourself and snuggle with me already.  he likes to bark at me in the mornings when i tell him to get on the bed.  so then i tell him to go in his crate and all of his body language says "fine, bitch."  i need to get him a brain toy, i think he gets really bored when i leave for work.

sunday i took him out to a new friend's friend's property - three hundred acres of yard and woods and pond and creek.  there were two giant malamute lab something mixes that were eight months old and kept punching bixby, a chesapeake labrador who was in love with water, and my friend's dog bella, who's a delicate little mutt.  bix had a blaaaast.  he came home stinky and exhausted with four new friends under his belt.  i let him off leash the whole time, which is such a treat for him, and he did take off a couple of times after deer and who knows what else, but he always came back.  it was good.

evidently bix has taken part in every one of my notable activities lately, because another thing i did was go on a seven-mile hike around umstead in raleigh.  it was good!  it was hard.  the day started off colder than i'd anticipated, but i made a friend, and i worked myself hard enough that i was sore the next couple of days, which is always satisfying.

hair update: i need to stop being so vain for a couple weeks and not straighten it right after i shower to see what it's actually doing, because i think the straightening makes it need a shampoo again sooner.  i've been very deliberately only washing it every 3-4 days, but that ain't gonna do shit when i'm showerless for weeks at a time on the trail.  the insane static has calmed down though, so phew.

oh, and i saw cinderella and once you let go and accepted that the movie was basically exactly the same as the animated movie, it got fun.  also, once cinderella actually grew a pair and reacted to her stepmother's abuse.  also, once helena bonham carter showed up.  and then because i was in the mall i accidentally went shopping but i wound up with a really cute shirt from this new christian clothing store (??? okay!) and bonding with the manager at apricot lane over having the same exact birthday, year and all.

other things:

this song.  mandatory dancing around the living room with bixby.

white boys in salmon shorts, because duh.  i was trying to make a point about nantucket red and i think i did it.

related to drunk j crew, i bring you pattern behavior.  brilliant.

and now for something a little more serious: consent.

finally, this tickles my funny bone just right.