September 26, 2014


you know those days that are just kind of delightful?  yesterday was one of them.  i got about 90% of what i wanted to get done at work done, checked up on every thing i have ordered online recently, and killed some logic puzzles (why am i so obsessed with these?).  i also ate two/four granola bars, depending on how you read the packaging, applesauce, leftover chinese food, sour cream and onion chips, a coke, popcorn, one million tootsie rolls, and four giant tervises (teehee all over that word) of water flavored with pink lemonade drops.  i think my bear-like instincts are kicking in and i am fattening myself up for winter.  soon i will hibernate.  i mean, i don't even like tootsie rolls that much.  yesterday, i did.  today, i am banning myself from the entire candy dish.

then bixby and i ran errands.  the walgreens by my house doesn't have any signs that say "no dogs allowed" so for a thrill, i bring him in with me.  what a rebel, right??  nobody has ever said anything, even the white-haired guys wearing walgreens vests instead of blue polos, which i assume makes them managers or something.  he even put his paws up on the pharmacy counter and all the pharmacist said was "hey doggie!"  although i'm pretty sure the guy in line before me was giving bix the stink eye.  we went to the pet store and got a new bag of food, two bully sticks, a vanilla mint flavored bone that's supposed to be good for his teeth, and a giant, nasty, oily, flaky, meaty bone that probably came from a cow or something, and this kid tried to pet him while he was eating it and he actually growled at the kid, which never happens, yikes.

ryan is back after three months from new zealand/thailand/japan and korea and singapore and various other parts of asia because he is a globe trotter now and we went to noodles & co and he got mac and cheese and i got something off the mediterranean menu because we are both pretty predictable and then we walked uuuup franklin street into carrboro and back dowwwwn franklin street and talked about what had happened since the beginning of july (kind of a lot!).  bixby was pretty much an angel, which wore off as soon as we got home and he went batshit and decided it was a good idea to run from the living down the hall to my bedroom, slam into the wall, and dash back into the living room, all while making the weird barky-growly-howly noise he does when he just DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE HIS EMOTIONS, which is honestly how i feel a lot.

and then kaitlin and i had fall night, which meant that we wore sweaters and watched sweet home alabama and drank cider with fireball in it (holy yum) and ate gingersnaps and pumpkin spice cookies (holy double yum), aka had a fantastic time.  she had somehow never seen sweet home alabama, which happens to be one of my absolutely favorite chick flicks with some of the best/most quotable lines ("lookit the SIZE a that thang!" is one of my all time faves), and somehow it feels like a fall movie, even though technically i think it's set in august.  i get so caught up in summer and Doing Summer Things that i forget you can also Do Fall Things, like, lots of Fall Things, and although i've never had a fall to-do list, it may be time to start.  it'll include Corn Maze and Making A Shit Ton Of Pumpkin Seeds.

final note: bix is way into squirrels and when i walked him this morning, he saw one crossing a power line and stood like this for a solid minute or two, watching and waiting.  he's so awkward, but like dog like owner i guess.  we're going to the beach tomorrow (!!!) and i kind of can't wait to see him completely spaz out over a seagull.