September 29, 2014

things that are exciting

work is very very boring today and i've already had my afternoon popcorn plus i banned myself from the candy bowl (except for one tiny tootsie roll to test my self-restraint) and i just don't think i can schedule one. more. meeting. right now so i might do a little day dreaming over the four (four!) packages i am waiting to come to my house because i got a little overzealous with online shopping.  and by overzealous i mean practical because the things i am waiting on are 1) halloween costume parts, 2) a stripey shirt ordered specifically for my fall wardrobe capsule, 3) another stripey shirt ordered for my capsule because the theme of forever is stripes and also a dress because that is the other theme of forever and it was buy one get one 50% off and i am not one to pass up a deal (see: the immense amount of captain morgan i bought in a fit of whimsy), and 4) FLASH TATS!!!  this is the most recent purchase so it's currently the most exciting.  shakori hills is coming up soon, and as soon as i saw these temporary tattoos i knew exactly when and where i was going to use them.  shakori is a music festival and the rules are: camp! dance! decorate your face!  except this year i can take it to the next level and decorate my face AND my wrists AND my legs AND whatever other skin is showing with these shiny happy tattoos.  previously i've done face paint and previously before that i've done rhinestones but this year i'm going above and beyond and everyone will think i'm about the coolest festival-goer they've ever seen.
i ordered the pack with these things in it as a throwback to the days when i was obsessed with ancient egypt and also cause it's still way cool.  that skinny bracelet up there?  totally going across my forehead.  watch out shakori.