September 9, 2014

in college they tell you a lot of stuff about life after graduation.  they talk about the workplace and about grad school and expectations and if you're lucky they'll talk about how to find and apartment and do your taxes.  they talk about things that can be attained through hard work and checkboxes.  they don't tell you how incredibly weird and lonely it is and how few friends you'll have.

i wouldn't say this so openly if i hadn't had the same conversation via text or phone or skype or whatever with pretty much all my close friends in college.  you graduate, and your friends dissipate.  nobody's having hall parties anymore.  there isn't anyone to whisper-giggle with in class.  there isn't class (unless you're in grad school, i'm not i don't know what it's like).  you can't run downstairs and say YO BOYS IT'S B4D LET'S GO because nobody lives downstairs from you except a lot of spiders in your crawlspace, and they don't get as excited about breakfast for dinner.

point is, making friends after school is not easy.  places i've tried to find friends: bus, dog park, ballet class, coffee shops.  places i've actually found friends: reconnecting with people i knew in high school, people that happened to move to the same place i did after college, friends of guys i dated (warning: these friends may be temporary).  that about covers it?  so when sarah was like "i'm going to frisbee now!" i was like "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE TAKE ME TOO."

and it worked.  there are like a billion and a half people to be friends with there.  athletic, sociable, easy-to-talk-to recent grads, and i love it and i love them (too soon?  oh well).  i'm not the best frisbee player but i can go out there and have a blast if the environment is right and if the environment is cute friendly guys and cute friendly girls then the environment is right, which is lucky cause that's what everybody seems to be.

point is, if you graduated from college within the past couple of years and you're still floundering around for things to do and people to do them with, 10 out of 10 join an ultimate group.  they're full of good people.