September 24, 2014

wardrobe capsule

a couple weeks ago, i found this style challenge through this blog.  the idea is a minimalist closet - thirty-seven articles of clothing - that hones in on your particular style so that every outfit you wear feels extremely, extremely you.  not to mention decluttering and de-stressing your life.  i was intrigued.  and then i went home and counted my dresses and was like holy moly i have thirty of these how the HECK would i pare my entire wardrobe down to 37.  so i decided to forget it but the idea stuck in my head and yesterday i found myself enthusiastically tossing shirts into a "probably give this away" pile.  i might be cheating - i'm not counting clothes i wear exclusively to work, running clothes, dog walking clothes, pajamas, dance clothes, accessories, extra extra fancy stuff... - but i've got a list of 37 items (14 tops, 3 skirts, 5 jeans, 7 dresses, and 8 pairs of shoes) that i will be wearing and wearing and wearing again this fall.  and that didn't seem like a lot, but when you consider that i can pair almost every top with almost every bottom, PLUS dresses, not to mention the different tights and scarves i can wear with everything, i come out with a whole lot of outfit possibilities, and all of them are made up of clothes i actually 100% love.  and maybe now i'll do something with my hair besides an elsa braid?!  (nah)

who knows - maybe i'll hate it - but i figure i'll just stick with it for a couple months, and then see if i want to update to a winter capsule.  it's not like i'll need my tshirts anymore...and then i can break out the sweaters...oh man, the planning might be the best part of all this... whatever the outcome, if i cheat, if i cave and buy everything like a credit card-wielding shopping monster (let's avoid that one actually), it's a new thing, a new way to approach fashion (if you can call what i wear fashion) with a lot less clutter and a lot fewer dollars.  my shopping growing up was fairly limited to the thrift store, which is all well and good if you do it right, but it took me years to figure out that quality is greater quantity and if you buy 20 things you only sort of like you'll wind up happy with none of them.  so this is sort of a reverse reaction to that - low low low quantity (relatively speaking) with a focus on quality and likeability, for the lack of a better word, for instance, my $10 target vee neck tshirt may not be the highest quality, but it is soft as heck and matches ALL my bottoms and looks great with a scarf, so i anticipate wearing it at least once a week this fall.

hey natalie (who is possibly my absolute favorite blogger right now) suggested a pinterest board, and you can believe i followed that advice.  my capsule board is here, and about 90% of it is stripes and scarves and fit & flare dresses:
so when i have my capsule 100% hammered out, i'll post pictures of the clothes (fascinating?) and then later maybe pictures of some of the outfits i put together (even better?!).  i am by no means stylish, but what the heck, i'll give it a shot.