November 4, 2015

The Next Adventure!

I am so, so excited to write these words down: I am going to be a resident of Durham come December.

I love Chapel Hill with my whole heart.  I love the library and the arboretum and the green wall along the bike path to Carrboro.  I love Franklin Street during the day and Franklin Street at night.  I love the murals, I love the trees, I love the people.  Chapel Hill is a darn good place, and I have loved the time I spent living there.

I also love Durham.  Boo Duke always, but Durham is a really quality city.  It's got Loco Pops and Ninth Street Dance and Duke Gardens (and the concerts at Duke Gardens during the summer) and American Dance Festival and Brightleaf Square and the American Tobacco Campus and Durham Performing Arts Center and Elmo's (not as good as the Carrboro Elmo's but IT'LL DO, PIG) and Motorco and the Durham Bulls stadium and a million other things I'll find when I live there.  And - here's the kicker - I'll be able to bike to every single one of those places I just listed.

On this trip I have often referred to home without thinking of a specific location.  Home is Chapel Hill, yes, but also the Carrboro farmers' market and S&T Soda Shoppe in Pittsboro and Bynum Bridge and Durham's Duke Forest and even Raleigh for its ultimate frisbee fields.  Home is all the places I would take you if you came to visit me.  And in a month (a month!!), home is specifically going to be a little white house with a red door, nestled in a downtown Durham neighborhood, with two roommates, my bike, and, of course, Bixby.