July 24, 2017

The Fun Part of Moving

So in the mural post I mentioned that I was moving, and that is happening THIS WEEKEND. I'm going to miss my new wall but oh my gosh I am excited to get out of my current place. The new spot is super cute, a studio but more square footage than where i am now, big open room with exposed ceiling beams, nice wide closet, bright orange walls outside with cactuses all over the place, skinny little kitchen that's still about seventeen times bigger than mine now with a window and tons of storage, blue-tiled bathroom with a full sized tub including a ledge to put shampoo and stuff on, security doors that let air and light in but also deadlock, ALL the good stuff.

I am going crazy at work with blogs and pinterest, getting all kinds of inspiration. My budget is at about zero - especially now that I bought Bix a crate, I figured he might need his own space (aka I might need him to have his own space) in the closer quarters - but I have high hopes for little diy projects and working with the stuff I already have aaaaand possibly a healthy dose of thrifting. It's funny, I used to be a minimal kind of girl, everything was stripes and stripes and stripes and shades of light blue (but like, MESSY, so not actually that minimal, just poor decorating), but these days I just want everything to be as colorful/floral as possible. Pinks and yellows and teals and PLANTS.

Here's a handful of patterns and prints and rooms that I'm digging these days. We'll see how it all actually turns out!
*Cue David Bowie song*orange and turquoise, poppy painting. -kitchen color inspirationImage Via: Justina BlakeneyThat rug, and the plates, chair  plant-loveDIY Christmas tree cactus